Drug Rehabilitation Statistics

Statistics on drug abuse and recovery will help you to determine what type of treatment will offer the most benefits to you, and they’ll help you understand how many other people are going through a similar process. One of the most important things to ask a rehab center is what their success rate is. This will reflect on the services that are provided and  give you a better idea of your own chances at overcoming your addiction. Success is measured in a number of ways and may include:

  • The average length of stay
  • Percentage of relapse
  • How long patients have remained sober
  • How many return patients are currently enrolled in the program
  • Dropout rates

These drug rehabilitation statistics will help you choose the right facility. Success rates are important and most drug rehab centers will be able to provide these statistics upon request.

Finding Drug Rehabilitation Help

When you have reached a point in your life when you are ready to get help, you may just want drug treatment and be willing to accept help from anywhere or anyone. You may not take the time to consider success rates or how long you may have to remain in the treatment facility. This information is very important and may be indicator of whether or not a rehab facility can actually help you. Receiving poor or low-quality drug rehab help can do more damage than good and will likely result in you using drugs again even after treatment.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Help

Inpatient drug rehab is the most intensive and involved of all treatment options. You will be required to reside at the facility and receive treatment throughout the day. In regards to the length of treatment:

  • Most inpatient facilities require patients stay at least 30 days.
  • Unless the treatment is court-ordered, you can always check out yourself
  • On average, you will stay in treatment or long-term treatment for a period of 53 days

When choosing a facility, be sure to ask about success rates and dropout rates. Even if the facility does not have this information, there are resources that can provide you with a ballpark figure.

Additional Information

If you are considering a treatment program and would like help gathering information on a particular facility, our drug rehab experts can help. Call us at the number provided.

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