What Drug-Seeking Behavior Looks Like

Do you someone you love have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Learn the signs of drug-seeking behavior, and find out how you can help your loved one and yourself. These signs may indicate that the person you care about is seeking drugs to satisfy an addiction. Find help for this addiction before it is too late.

Drug-Seeking Behavior and Signs of Addiction

Both drug users and drug dealers seek drugs. Drug sellers usually seek pill prescriptions, while addicts don’t mind if you offer them an injection on the spot or pills for use at a later time. Some drug seekers truly do have a legitimate illness. However, this does not protect them from becoming addicted to drugs such as opiate painkillers. Additionally, a person does not have to be fully addicted to seek drugs. Common behaviors of people who are abusing drugs include the following:

  • Taking increasing doses of the drug over time
  • “Doctor shopping” or seeking treatment from a number of healthcare providers
  • Demanding health care or immediate relief from pain
  • Seeking prescriptions for family members
  • Using an elderly family member to obtain drugs
  • Complaining about losing drugs or having drugs stolen
  • Pressuring others through threats or guilt

Other signs of drug abuse or addiction include the following:

  • A thorough knowledge of brand and generic drug names
  • Missing money and missing valuables
  • A history of other drug use or alcohol abuse
  • Unusual appearance or actions including mental health problems, anger, depression, mania or hallucinations

Find Drug Treatment and Drug Assistance for a Loved One or a Patient

Do you suspect that a patient or a person you care about is seeking drugs? If you are facing an addiction problem, we can help. Our recovery and addiction specialists dedicate their lives to helping people find addiction treatment and wellness options. We can help you arrange treatment or even plan an intervention for your loved one. We are able to help match each individual to the treatment that fits him or her best. Please call our toll-free helpline now to speak with one of our specialists. All of our calls are completely confidential, and we are available to talk 24 hours a day.

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